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The Founder

Posted By on Mar 26, 2015

Brian Parsons

Founder, Kudzoomedia


Brian is the principal owner of Kudzoomedia. He started the company in 2004 & has worked in several capacities alongside Kudzoomedia. He cut his teeth managing 10's of millions in client revenue for Fortune 500 Companies, & most recently ran the Strategic Business Division of a nationally awarded, best-in-class firm. Brian brings over 10 years of expertise to Kudzoomedia's clients. He earned a BFA with a focus in Digital Media from the University of Georgia, & a MSIS with a focus in Web Analytics, from the University of Utah. His work has been featured at the Intl. Olympic Games & he has managed marketing campaigns for clients such as NBC Universal. Brian is Google AdWords & Analytics certified & ready to help you conquer the web!

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